Be part of the family, and make money with us!


The purpose of the program is to give everyone the opportunity to be part of Kaviar Kicks and make some money in the process. The program is very simple, if someone you know makes a purchase on with your referral URL we reward you handsomely with a 10% commission. There's no need for messy paperwork or interviews or anything like that. All you need is have a paypal account, sign up to our program by clicking on the link below and go out there and start selling! Tips, and further instructions are sent after you register.


The website currency is currently in USD so all sales and commissions will be paid in USD.

What happens after the sale?

We wait 14 days before anything happens. Kaviar Kicks is dedicated to client satisfaction, so we give clients a 14-day return right. This means we only pay our affiliates once we are 100% sure that the client is 100% happy with his/her order. We then payout to our affiliates on a monthly basis, on the first of every month by either PayPal (4% in fees) or by bank transfer (2% fees) provided the 14 day return rights of the client has passed.

How do I start?

You can register for your free account here! Instructions and tips are sent in the welcome message after registering.

All your activity is tracked and available for you to check out at any time on your personal dashboard. After you generate your first sale, make sure you have your PayPal details entered in the setting section or kindly send me your bank details at