Resorations with Vick - Air Jordan 3 White Cement

Resorations with Vick - Air Jordan 3 White Cement

So you have a dope pair of J's, and unless you've left them hibernating in their box, you probably rocked them and gotten them creased up and grimey...You have the money to buy a new pair but the pair you have sold out years ago...what do you do? Give it the Master P treatment and just throw them away? Or do you try give them a second life? We like to think our readers would prefer the latter...

So! Now that we all agree restoring is the way to go, check out this video by Vick, the restoration specialist at Reshoevn8r, detailing the process to restore a pair of Air Jordan 3 White Cement. The results are amazing and looks very doable. 

Once you're done viewing, get your restoration kit from Reshoevn8r.

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