Now playing...T. Dot Illdude!

Now playing...T. Dot Illdude!

Yea I'm getting older, that's nothing new. And like many other young adults reaching 30, I'm noticing my taste for a lot of things are changing. My tolerance and patience for mediocre crap is lowering every day, especially when it comes to music. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the new stuff that comes out but I can't help but completely disregard A LOT of new artists because of their lack of that "je ne sais quoi" factor. This must be because I was exposed to so much greatness in the 90's; artists had to be seasoned as fuck and not spend their whole life on social media...Think MJ, Prince, Busta Rhymes - musical freaks of nature - can you imagine them snapchatting? Didn't think so...

What I'm trying to get at, is there are few people who give you " a vibe" the first time you listen to them. And me personally, being a fan of hardcore rap, I would usually stay away of this new auto-tuned mumble singing...but sometime earlier this year I picked up on something that really impressed me. It was a song that was featured on and this thumbnail of a funky-haired mixed dude popped up and it read : from the show Power. And me being a 50 fan, I gave it a shot and this was it : 

I was pretty stuck, this really impressed me because it felt young, powerful and gritty, the raspy voice gives it a great edge...The mix of rap lyrics being sung over a trap beat is nothing new, but his delivery totally works for me. It's hard without being hardcore and soft enough to just ride to...

He has since put out a lot of more music so make sure to show your support to Indie music by checking out his other stuff on his soundcloud and download his EP The Vibe Is Heavy

Check out his reaction to me sending him a pair of Jordan 4 Breds from 2008.

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