Chile! Bootleg sneaker importers?

Chile! Bootleg sneaker importers?

Geez Louise! Chile gets down like this? Just kidding, but you have to understand though, in a country where legit sneaker stores can be counted on one hand, you can expect that void to be filled by our favorite bootleggers. So wait, why don't we just set up shop out there and go after all the fakes? Sounds good huh? 

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The battle against fake sneakers infiltrating the secondary market continues. A shipment that originated from China was recently seized by the Chilean National Customs Office on November 7th. The shipment’s custom documents valued the entire shipment at $24,209, but the Chilean National Customs Office estimates that the actual value is around $31,786,395. The fake shoes, which included counterfeit Nike, adidas, and another brand Zodiak, was concealed beneath packages of napkins. A total of 16,454 pairs of counterfeit shoes split up into 474 boxes were seized.

Discrepancies in declared values as well as irregularities in the weight of the shipment as well as the route set off red flags for the customs officials.

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