Kaviar Kouture - @henderscheme

Kaviar Kouture - @henderscheme

I live near Lausanne, Switzerland and worked in downtown Geneva for the past 5 years in one of the most expensive areas in the city (Rue du Rhône). Before getting to work, I would pass in front of at least 150 high-end luxury boutiques, window after window. From shoes, to watches, jewelry, to leather goods, it was simply disrespectful. Lol

What I'm trying to get at is over time I've noticed high-end fashion brands have been attempting to wiggle into the sneaker world. They noticed people were after good looking, quality, comfortable shoes. And some were paying top dollar to obtain them. What they often did is subtly copy design elements of an iconic sneaker (Stan Smith or Converse), add a few fabric and production upgrades, and sell them 3 to 5 times the price of the original shoe. What this did is trigger a new market for people wanting high end brands but still have the comfort of a sneaker. Ie. Louis Vuitton sneakers.

Doing some research online, I found someone who has taken this to a whole other level. Designer Ryo Kashiwazaki, contemporary japanese designer is taking your favorite sneakers designs as a basis and turning them into utter perfection. Take a look at these beautifully crafted shoes and sound off in the comments section below. 

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Air Jordan 4 Henderscheme :

Here are some other examples of his work. 

Nike Presto Henderscheme :

Nike Air Force 1 Henderscheme :

Adidas Superstar Henderscheme :


Vans Authentic :



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