@Fake_Education - Jordan 11 Low Bred

@Fake_Education - Jordan 11 Low Bred

It's a pretty obvious that sneakers are a big part of people's lives. I would go as far as betting you 100$ if you're not at home barefoot, you're wearing some right now...

I've also noticed that people today seem to be emotionally attached to their footwear (and with good reason if you ask me!). Sneakers carry with them, a story of some sort, that becomes a relatable factor to the future wearer. Whether it be an athlete's signature shoe, or a shoe worn during an important game, or someone whom you admire endorsing the sneaker, it all comes down to what they meant to you and the culture. That's what gives a sneaker value in my opinion. Culture is exactly what we believe in here at Kaviar Kicks and we want to make sure that this culture we art a part of, is not tarnished, abused, or diluted. 

All this to say that we are happy to have found someone who is dedicating his time to ensure that people are not be taken advantage of by being sold fake sneakers. I came across this account @fake_aducation through a reputable online news publisher and was happy to find out that his mission is to spend hours analyzing sneakers and finding the subtle differences between real and fake sneakers.

For my followers, I will post his content as long as he provides and hope you all learn something from him.

Let's all take the time to thank @fake_education in the comment section below.


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