Learn how to clean Yeezy's with Reshoevn8r

Learn how to clean Yeezy's with Reshoevn8r

Ever wonder why you see people take their grails to festivals, clubs and pool parties? Well I'm assuming it may have something to do with the amazing shoe-cleaning products from Reshoevn8r. Whether you beat the hell out of your shoes or drench them in mud, Reshoevn8r products help you bring your shoes back to life.

I can tell they are making these products with sneakerheads in mind, making what the sneaker community needs basically. They also do tutorials to teach you how to use their products and I think you guys might be interested in seeing the process. Maybe you can try yourself sometime! I know you Kaviarheads would love this kind of thing. :)

See video below and hit up their website to buy some products! 

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