To boost or not to boost?

To boost or not to boost?

Adidas, the number 1 sneaker company in Germany are not very happy with sibling sneaker company Puma who have recently been trying to release a new line of footwear dubbed "NRGY". Why you ask? Take a look at the Puma's below...

Look similar? Take a look at the Adidas line now.

In light of this, Adidas decided to take Puma to court in hopes of stopping them from releasing their all too similar NRGY collection. Although it may appear that it was an obvious infringement, the German court rejected Adidas' injunction request and will therefore not be able to stop Puma from releasing their latest running collection.

It is however, worth mentioning that the company Puma was working with (BASF) is the same company that developped the Boost technology for Adidas. An exclusivity deal was inked between the two in 2011, forcing Puma to look for a new partner. 

These two will never stop!

Fun fact - the founders of both Adidas and Puma are blood brothers!

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