The Yeezy Effect? Stats suggest there is such a thing!

The Yeezy Effect? Stats suggest there is such a thing!

Cloth talk!

“The sneakers Kanye made [are] groundbreaking,” celebrated musician and sneaker head DJ Khaled, citing the designs. “When they come out, you can’t get them [anymore] because they’re sold out. They’re like art.” 

And Khaled is not your average sneakerhead! Nobody can deny that the Kanye brand grown immensely over the past years, whether it comes from his signature rants, fashion designer name drops, or through strategic celebrity endorsements from the likes of Justin Bieber, and the Kardashians, it doesn't really matter at this point. Anything Kanye touches turns to gold...period.

After Ye's rift with Nike, he (and a lot of other people at Nike), took their talents to South...sorry to German sneaker group Adidas who have been majorly active in creating high performance sneakers since last year. Shortly after their collabo, Kanye made the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750's and 350's  and lastly the 950's. Their sleek and simple design is what make the shoe so popular. They can be worn by sneakerheads and soccer moms alike (think Kim Kardashian) which is in my opinion a positive disruption of the current sneaker game. 

The result you ask? Josh Luber, CEO of StockX, gave us some insight on the "Yeezy effect" and exactly how popular the Yeezy models are. “Ordinarily when a shoe is selling for thousands of dollars on the secondary market, it’s because it’s very rare, and in the past year, there were 100 or 200 sold,” he said. “For the Yeezys, there’s literally thousands of pairs being sold on the secondary market, and they’re still selling for thousands of dollars.” Throughout the first quarter of 2016, “unworn pairs of the Pirate Black iteration of the 350 had an average resale price of $946, and unworn Triple Black 750s averaged at $1,484. The highest selling price for an unworn 350 in the Turtledove colorway was $7,700 — and the $10,099 sale of the light brown 750 outranked all others.”

Frustrated consumers who cannot get theirs hands on the Yeezy's have been flocking back to Adidas original release, the Adidas Ultra Boost. A pair I was very fond of from the beginning and it makes me chuckle now that I see people finally getting on board because they just found out most of the Adidas Yeezy DNA comes from the Ultra boost.

With all that being said, the Yeezy is still a minority when talking about the resell market and only accounts for 15% of all the total market. Nike still has the game in a choke hold with a whopping 80%!

So did Yeezy really jump over Jumpman? You be the judge...

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