Is K-Swiss, American?

Is K-Swiss, American?

Did you know K-Swiss, just like Chevrolet was founded by a Swiss person? Yup you read me correctly, the land of cheese, chocolate and luxury watches are behind it! You can check it out for yourselves.

In this scenario the athletic sneaker brand was founded by two Swiss brothers named Art and Ernier Brunner who immigrated to the US and founded K-Swiss in 1966 in Los Angeles, California after the two became particularly fond of tennis.

The brand exposure was drastically boosted in the 90's after Steven Nichols hired a number of key individuals who built strong marketing campaigns overseen by Award Winning Creative Director Mindy Gale from 1997-2008.

However, from 2009-2012, the group suffered enormous losses ranging the hundreds of millions of dollars forcing the group to sell the company to Korean firm E-Land for 170 million dollars. Following the change, the group put in place a new internal creative team to update the brand identity, ironically emphasizing the brand's "American Heritage". Weird right?

Does this Chevrolet reference make more sense now? Sorry to all you American ride or die chevy fans because if you really think about it, your car is as American as cheese fondue. :)

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