Are Nike still Innovators? NikeLab sure thinks so!

Are Nike still Innovators? NikeLab sure thinks so!

It seems that after Adidas' success with the Boost releases, everybody has been trying to play catch-up with their own innovations. I recently wrote about FutureCraft, a company Adidas is using for their design innovations, and how they are creating a new revolutionary fiber for future sneakers. Well, it seems like Nike heard them loud and clear and want to exhibit their own innovative skills through an Instagram video released today saying : 

“That sort of natural, organic flow of innovation is what makes the place magic. That’s what we do everyday.” - Matt Holmes, Nike Design, Footwear Innovation.

The reason I'm writing about it is something about the format reminded me of the Future craft video. So this makes me wonder, does Adidas have the lead on sneaker technology at the moment? Sound off in the comment section below.

See footage from NikeLab :


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