Adidas Ultra Boost - Real Vs. Fake by @Fake_Education

Adidas Ultra Boost - Real Vs. Fake by @Fake_Education

The Adidas Ultra Boost, an instant classic.

This is in my opinion one of the most prolific releases from Adidas this past decade thanks to the unmatched balance of technology, comfort, and style - just too good to beat at the moment. These shoes however, did not earn their popularity through sole-merit (pun intended). The sneakers, at the time of their release, received a very healthy media "boost" (I'm on a roll) from a certain famed rapper/designer that we are all familiar with. Adidas then channeled the energy and self-proclaimed them the "greatest running sneaker ever".

Well now, due to their popularity, we are starting to see bootleg versions and we at Kaviar Kicks would like to give our fellow sneakerheads the proper information to not get ripped off and to avoid feeding this ever-growing bootleg market.

Get familiar!




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